Partner with local indigenous communities


Congo Site

Saving great apes and the forests of central Africa is not only a matter of protecting habitat or informing forestry practices, but one of valuing local indigenous peoples, their cultures and well-being. GTAP and Mondika are multinational and multigenerational study sites that provide long-term employment to more than 80 local people. The success of these two projects is largely due to enduring partnerships with individuals from Bangombe, Mbendjele and Bantu groups from villages in the region.

GTAP and MDK also encourage the preservation of local traditional knowledge through a long-term mentorship program between senior trackers who have a broad knowledge of forest flora and fauna, and the younger generation who have not had the opportunity to acquire this information and skill set.

The Team
Protecting the lives of chimpanzees and gorillas ensures local human livelihoods. Many of the ape trackers and support staff have worked for GTAP and MDK for a decade or more.


Meat the team


Mr. Marcel Meguessa is the Goualougo Camp Logistics Manager. He has been involved in Ndoki research and conservation since 1993 and has worked with David Morgan since 1996.